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Welcome to Gjesvær

Gjesvær faces the Barents Sea in the far west of Magerøya in Nordkapp municipality, 34 km north-west from Honningsvag and 35 km from the Nordkapphallen. The village is ofen referred to as "Coasts Pearl"

With its 120 residents, fishing village safely is sheltered behind the idyllic islands and islets. Furthest out we find the islands Gjesværstappan. These islands are home to several millions of seabirds in the summer. Among those are several hundred thousands puffins, a large colony of Sea Eagle, Shag, Cormorant, gannets, razorbills, eider ducks, guillemots and kittiwakes who come here to nest.

It was not until 1976 that Gjesvær got the road connection to the rest of Magerøya. Up to that time transportation was only by boats.

Already in the Viking Age, Gjesvær was known as a trading post and was probably the first place on Magerøya who had permanent residents. From the early Middle Ages until the nineteenth century fishing village was one of the largest and richest in Finnmark.

Today Gjesvær has a fish factory, a school from 1 to 10 grade, church and a grocery store.

Here you can stay in the amazing and breathtaking scenery, go on a birdsafari or a fishingtrip, enjoy delicacies of the sea and local fruits and more.